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In an earlier blog, I wrote about making sure patients searching for cosmetic plastic surgery take time to learn about the procedures they are interested in and to be sure to select a board certified plastic surgeon with experience. To illustrate these points and how important judgement is, here are some current news stories dealing with cosmetic surgery complications.

A family medicine physician was sentenced to 9 months in jail for performing facial cosmetic surgery procedures on women which resulted in complications. He has been under investigation with the board of medicine and had a restricted license preventing him from performing cosmetic surgery. Despite this, he continued to perform facial and breast surgeries on people. He was convicted of aggravated assault and assault causing bodily harm. He was performing these surgeries and telling people he was board certified, but not by whom.

In Beverly Hills, a radiologist opened a liposuction center and was performing liposuction on people without training. He has a civil suit against him for allegedly allowing his girlfriend and another person to perform the surgeries. He was also using the fat to try and fuel his car, (also against the law). He has fled the country and now is practicing in South America.

In Oregon, a woman sued and won lawsuits against a dermatologist she believed to be a plastic surgeon based on the dermatologist deceptive advertising. She also sued and won a larger suit ($1.32 million) against the magazine publisher who allowed the deceptive advertising practices and even promoted that type of advertising. The verdict was affirmed by the state Supreme Court.

The point of these examples, is take time to Verify credentials. Do not believe what someone tells you or see in a magazine. Educate yourself, and select properly trained plastic surgeons with extensive patient examples and referrals. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Never compromise or barter when it comes to your health or your body. It is a very precious resource.