Celebrities and Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery

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It is clear from watching television or looking through magazines that celebrities elect to have cosmetic plastic surgery. It is also clear that just because they are celebrities, does not mean that they are getting good celebrity cosmetic surery results. I receive lots of email questions about celebrities and cosmetic surgery and I answer them as best as I can. Since I am not standing next to these people, I can only evaluate them via television or print. With some of these cases, it is unfortunately easy to tell and this usually means that they are not getting really good results. The thought that just because they go to a doctor in Beverly Hills or Manhattan means that they must be good surgeons is ridiculous. Any doctor with any background can open an office in Beverly Hills or Manhattan or anywhere else for that matter. It does not mean that they are qualified to perform plastic surgery or non-surgical enhancements. Some of the lip augmentations that I am seeing and facial enhancements are simply poor. I watched a news comentator the other day and her Botox was not well administered and her brows were ‘spiking’ terribly. I would stress to anyone looking into cosmetic plastic surgery to really investigate their surgeon choices and ask for result photographs and potentially even referrals. Just because it may be a relatively simple thing, does not mean that one should assume anyone can do it well.