Celebrity Plastic Surgery? Really?

In Plastic Surgery News by Dr Brown

I was watching television the other night and saw a show on ABC Television. The show represented itself as a ‘news’ show called ‘ABC News: Primetime’. This episode was titled: ‘Celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong’. This title was obviously to play upon the general public’s fascination with cosmetic surgery and most specifically with the fascination of celebrity cosmetic surgery. The show then went on to go into a totaly different direction to disparage and demean the public and especially younger people who have cosmetic plastic surgery.

The celebrities were truely not mainstream people and after listening to them, it was apparent, they all unfortunately have emotional instability and perhaps psychiatric conditions which contributed to their opinions and motivations for cosmetic plastic surgery. It is a shame that these were the only people sampled and rather than blame them and their cosmetic surgeons, they chose to essentially bash the entire concept of cosmetic plastic surgery. Cosmetic plastic surgery is not the problem, it is the patient selection that is a problem and inadequate vetting of these people’s long term motivations and goals that were the most significant problem. In general terms, selecting the correctly trained and grounded cosmetic plastic surgeon is the most important thing a plastic surgical candidate can do. It is then the plastic surgeons responsibility to indentify unstable people and then disqualify them from plastic surgery. Or help them understand the consequences of their actions or choices prior to performing and injection or plastic surgery.

This was not the message of this alleged ‘news’ hour, and rather than be a positive influence on those considering cosmetic plastic surgery, ABC chose to blame the concept of breast, face and body rejuvenation surgery. There was really nothing positive or of value from this show. It should be noted that for every one of these types of stories, there are THOUSANDS of people who would do their cosmetic plastic surgery again! It is disappointing that ABC and the producers chose such a slanted and distorted, wasteful presentation of a valuable topic and of the public’s time.