Butt Augmentation & Butt lift in Virginia

Butt augmentation in the Loudoun, Fairfax, Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC area

The shape and size of a woman’s buttocks has always been an aesthetic part of her body. In fact, you can look at most magazines and see emphasis placed upon the shape of the butt. Swimsuits are designed on the shape of the butt. The buttocks have been long been enhanced using various plastic surgeries.

Butt augmentation is done with buttock implants or fat injections. Each technique has pros and cons. In some countries, gel butt implants are used. In the US, solid silicone buttocks implants are used.

The solid implants are difficult to place, and can shift positions. They may become firm and shift awkwardly when the woman walks or contracts her buttocks. The most common problem with buttock implants occurs when the body creates fluid to surround the implants. This fluid collection is called a seroma. This fluid requires drain tubes. If no drains were placed, then the fluid would need to be drained using needles. Butt implants can become infected. Butt implants require a lengthy recovery time. These common problems are the main reason why most plastic surgeons prefer for butt augmentation by fat injection. They tend to avoid using implants for butt lift.

By using the natural tissues of the body, the plastic surgeon can produce a butt lift with a softer, more natural feel than an implant. Fat injection techniques also have fewer problems than implants. The main issues with fat injections involve getting enough fat for the augmentation and having the fat survive the process. Making the right and left butt the same shape and size is also a concern.

The amount of fat a woman has will dictate if she is a candidate for the butt lift. If so, the fat has to be harvested by liposuction in a way that is suitable for reinjection. This is a stepped process. First, the fat has to be removed by the plastic surgeon. Some surgeons will rinse the fat prior to reinjection. Others may use an antibiotic rinse. Some surgeons will rinse in saline, and others may not rinse at all. The fat will settle into different layers and then the good fat will be taken. Surgeons all have their reasons for what they prefer to do. These subtle differences lie in improving how much fat will survive.

After the fat has been harvested, it is placed into the key areas that need enhancement. The fat is placed into the buttock area, preferably into the butt muscles. The desired areas of enhancement will vary with each patient. The fat will be placed at different layers of the buttocks, with most being placed near a blood supply. The muscle has the best blood supply. This is done by the plastic surgeon to improve fat survival.

Fat grafting survivability used in buttock augmentation

The concern in fat grafting surgery is, will the grafted fat survive? This is important to know because if the fat dies it is reabsorbed and then there is no long-term enhancement. This is unlikely, as there will be some fat survival. The amount of fat that lives is important for shape. If there is asymmetric fat placement or survival, then buttock asymmetry will result.

Fat grafts in various areas of the body will have varying degrees of success. Fat requires a blood supply to live. Without a blood supply, there is no oxygen. The more oxygen, the better the fat graft survival rate will be. Since muscles have a good blood supply, they tend to provide the best fat graft area. The buttocks muscles are large, thus a high rate of fat graft take should be expected. The anticipated survival is reported to be in the 50% to 85% ranges. These high fat graft survival rates are realistic values. This is why most plastic surgeons will overcorrect or add more fat volume than desired. They expect a percentage of fat graft loss with loss of volume.

Artistry of butt lifts with fat injection

There is much more to it than taking the fat out and putting it back in elsewhere. This is due to the buttocks having different shapes on different women. It helps to understand a woman’s entire shape when considering butt augmentation. This starts with the bony skeleton, and the muscle development. These are important since they serve as the framework for the buttock shape. The look, shape, and size of the buttock are influenced by the surrounding curves and shape. The buttocks curve at the side and back views are magnified when the areas surrounding the buttocks are altered in the reshaping. This is the true artistry. It involves the plastic surgeon using liposuction on the areas surrounding the butt. This will further improve the butt’s shape. The fat taken from the back, hips, and thighs is what is put into the buttocks. So there is improvement in the buttock shape, contour and prominence, and to the surrounding areas. Using liposuction is a key that separates, Dr. Michael J. Brown, MD from other plastic surgeons. Whether the benefits will outweigh the risks of butt augmentation with fat is important to consider. Click here to learn in detail about the risks and consent form for butt augmentation.

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