Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia Correction) in Ashburn, Virginia

Cosmetic Male Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery for Northern Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, & Washington DC

Male breast reduction surgery is used to reduce the size of a man’s breast tissue. Men have breast tissue much like women, but usually much less. It is less sensitive to hormones. It’s pretty common for teenage boys going through puberty to have some growth of their breast tissue.

Some young men will have a lot of weight gain during this time as well; this can make their breast growth more pronounced. This is because their breast area is also made of fatty tissue.

This issue is called gynecomastia. It is when the breast tissue and fatty breast area grow and become out of proportion to the rest of the male chest.

For most, this tissue will decrease on its own after puberty. When the breast tissues regress and become smaller, the breast mounds will typically reduce on their own as well. This will usually occur in the man’s 20s. If he is unable to lose the excess weight in his breast areas, he may have persistent large breasts. Typically this problem has two parts: the remaining glandular tissue, and the fatty tissue. In some cases, even in young boys, it is best to go ahead and treat the breast gynecomastia. It can be a very sensitive problem and a source of ridicule.

When should this be treated?

When this breast growth alters the man’s lifestyle, he may seek to have this surgically treated. This male breast reduction surgery is also called gynecomastia surgery. It typically consists of two types:

If the male breast is mostly fatty tissue and little breast gland, then the male breast reduction is done via liposuction. Ultrasonic assisted liposuction is used to help remove the dense breast tissue and fat. This process results in small, well-concealed scars. Below is a video of this type of surgery.

If instead there is a large amount of breast gland, this may need direct surgical removal. This type of breast reduction surgery is more like the surgery a woman would have. As such, there will be more scars on the chest. If there is enough tissue and fat to be removed, there may be a few scars, but it depends on the patient and their breast structure. A compressive garment is needed for a few weeks after the surgery. Regardless of the sex of the person, breast reduction surgery and liposuction carry similar risks.

Combined surgery

Often men will treat the gynecomastia and have their other areas of concern treated. They figure that while they are there and asleep, they might as well!

Prior to any cosmetic surgical procedure, it is best that you have read and understand the risks and consent form required for a surgery.

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