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Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgeries done in the US. It is also Dr. Michael J. Brown’s most sought after surgery. His breast implant patients are some of his most satisfied patients.

Every woman is a candidate for breast enhancement at some point. Breast plastic surgery can involve implants, a breast lift or both at the same time. Some women may require a lift because their nipples and areola become low over time.

The shape and size of a woman’s natural breasts will influence her treatment plan. The video goes over how to decide whether to perform a breast augmentation, a breast lift, or both.

Implants for breast enlargement

Breast augmentation can be performed for a number of reasons:

  • To enhance the breast contour of a woman, who feels that her breast size is too small or not proportional
  • To restore a loss in breast volume after pregnancy.
  • To balance size when there’s a noticeable difference between breasts
  • As a reconstructive technique for breast loss conditions
  • To replace existing breast implants

The shape and size of a woman’s breasts will influence both the recommended implant and her result. If the breasts are not the same size before augmentation, then different sized implants may be selected in order to improve symmetry. Breast volume asymmetries may be corrected with saline or silicone breast implants. But subtle asymmetries may still exist after surgery. Silicone gel implants are not volume adjustable. Saline implants are adjustable, allowing for more precise volume changes.

Positioning breast implants

Being aware of anatomy will help you understand breast implant placement. Dr. Brown believes breast implants should be placed below the muscle. This method leaves a smoother transition along the top of the breast mound. The implant will not leave a significant bump.

To the left and below is showing a cross section of a woman’s breast. Note the pectoral muscle. This is important for the position of implants.

To the right and above is showing the sub-pectoral breast implant position. ’Sub’ means below. Inserting implants here will produce the best result.

The other position breast implants are placed is on top of the muscle. Placing implants above the muscle can cause the implant to be felt easier. This position is good only when the woman has lots of tissue to cover the implant.

Scars are hidden under the breast, around the lower part of the areola, or in the armpit. The method of inserting and positioning breast implants will depend on your preferences, your anatomy, and Dr. Brown’s recommendation.

Above are the first two steps of a breast augmentation surgery. Click to see the rest of the steps of breast augmentation in 3-D illustrations.

Saline or silicone gel breast implants

Saline implants are the most used breast implants in the US. Most saline breast implants are single shelled. The shell is made of silicones, silica, smaller silicones, and other organic compounds. Shells have different surfaces and thicknesses. They are filled at the time of surgery. Saline implants are available in many shapes and sizes to meet individual needs as well. A low, moderate, or high profile is available.

Silicone gel implants were approved for use in the US for breast enhancement in 2006. To learn more about visit the silicone gel-filled breast implants page.

Breast Implant Shapes

There are two basic shapes, round and shaped. Round breast implants are not affected by rotation. This means that the implant can moved around and there is still a nice shape and look. Shaped implants should not move. If they do move position, then the breast can look strange. Round implants cost less than shaped implants. Round implants are the most used implants. Round implants are either smooth or textured on the surface. Shaped implants have to be textured.

Shaped breast implants are also called teardrop. They were made to provide a more natural look. They do not necessarily improve the breast slope when saline is the filler fluid, though. If teardrop implants rotate, they create a distorted breast shape.

Breast Implant Surfaces

Smooth breast implants have a lower risk of rippling. They feel less firm than textured breast implants. If smooth implants rotate, they don’t effect the appearance of the breast. This surface is the most often used implant for breast augmentation.

Textured breast implants have a rough outer finish, like sandpaper. Textured implants may have a greater risk of rippling. They were created for silicone gel breast implants to reduce capsular contracture. Studies show that textured breast implants have a higher deflation rate. They feel firmer than smooth breast implants do.

Breast implant life expectancy

Saline and silicone gel breast implants do not last forever. So breast surgery candidates must consider the possibility of secondary breast implants surgery. The lifespan of current breast implants if filled and inserted correctly is unknown. All data used to make predictions about lifespan are based on anecdotes. We do know that silicone gel implants placed in the late 1980s and early 1990s should be replaced. The same cannot be said for saline implants placed during the same time. Saline breast implants only need to be exchanged if they have deflated.

Both saline and silicone implants are high quality. They come with lifetime replacement guarantees. So if the implants deflate, the company will provide you with new implants. In most cases, a warrantee covers part of the cost of replacing implants that deflate within 10 years.

Breast Augmentation Testimonials

The Whole Experience with Breast Augmentation

I want to share my experiences with any women out there who are lucky enough to do enough research online, as I was, and have been able to find plastic surgeon Dr. Michael J. Brown online. He was and is the best! I am from Pennsylvania and I have close professional ties with all my area hospitals and their staff. I felt it appropriate to go out of the area when I decided to have a breast augmentation done. Therefore, I decided to go online and do my breast augmentation searching.I went to hundreds of websites and hundreds of Doctor’s sites. Only Dr. Brown’s website had the information that kept me coming back when I had a question. I virtually had my entire consult online on his site before I had even met anyone from his office. I would also like to mention his bedside manner and his staff’s acute attention to detail. They were great. I had my breast augmentation done with my friend (My Bosom Buddy). We had our consult together had our surgery together and our recoveries together. But we are very different people. I want to mention that within 2 minutes of meeting the staff and Dr. Michael J. Brown that they all picked up on our “day and night” different personalities and treated each of us the way we wanted to be treated. Because I am fortunate to know a lot of medical professionals, I had Dr. Brown checked by 2 plastic surgeons, an ER Doctor and a Registered Nurse who assists with a Plastic surgeon. All of whom gave me the go ahead with Dr. Brown and gave his credentials rainbow reviews. Because of them, I was very confident in Dr. Brown before even meeting him. But after meeting him I was 150 percent confident with zero apprehensions. Except for the normal fears of surgery, which his bedside manner was easily able to handle, I went to surgery. I am now 11 days post-op and doing great, I spend a lot of time looking at “the girls”. And enjoy everyday the changes. They are dropping and softening and looking better each day as I was told they would do. I cannot express enough thanks to you guys for giving me the femininity that I so needed. I can’t wait to come back for my follow up. The Stats: 33 years old (no children), 5’ 9″, 165 lbs, Right breast was larger than the other with unique breast folds on each breast, large framed, long torso, wide breast bone, 36 nearly B. Now a beautiful proportionate 36 full D and both breasts match. So you can see Dr. Brown had a lot to deal with but I came out looking wonderful and feeling so beautiful. Thank you again Dr. Brown and staff. I would rate Dr. Brown a 10/10!


Breast Augmentation Consultation

Dear Dr. Brown, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to meet with me and talk with me about breast augmentation. This is truly an emotional decision for me, but as soon as I walked into your office I felt comforted. Your staff treated me with such openness, kindness and respect. I have been to other doctors and kind of felt vaguely embarrassed about being there. It was also very nice to begin the consult with your nurse and somehow this helped me feel more at ease. The best part was meeting you and feeling like I somehow already met you. You should be very proud of your website, because it was a great way for me to get to know you and your practice before an actual consultation. I was looking for a doctor who is highly skilled, and would treat me with respect, and compassion, that I would be seen as a “real” person with feelings and concerns. You took the time to answer all my questions and I never felt rushed. You really surpassed all my expectations and so a few days later I decided to schedule the surgery with you. I am scheduled for surgery and I’m just a big bunch of nerves and emotions. In the days to come I will likely have more questions, and I appreciate you and your staff encouraging me to call or email whenever the need arises. I look forward to my pre-op appointment with you.


Letter from Breast Augmentation Patient

I just wanted to check in with you as it has been a little over 2 months since my breast augmentation. While doing research for my procedure, I read every segment of important information on your website, viewed every picture and had dozens of questions answered by you and your staff. So I felt confident that you could give the result I desired. What I did not fully understand is how actually seeing the wonderful result on my body would affect me. I must say the initial appearance was a little difficult to look at, but watching the transition in settling over the past 2 months has been absolutely amazing. You listened to my concerns, expectations and the result…..beautiful breasts that are natural in appearance, proportion, feel and they are just perfect……for me. Thanks again and I’ll see in November for my 6th month check up. Have a great summer, because thanks to you, I sure am!


My Breast Augmentation Story

Being very attentive to my appearance, I have always taken good care of myself and my figure (5’4″ tall, 105 lbs). Being small framed, I had small breasts (34B). Even though I have never had self-esteem problems, I felt that I would feel better about myself with larger breasts. My husband told me that he loved me for the way I was and the decision to have Breast Augmentation would be mine. He told me that he would support me completely if I decided to have surgery. We then began to research the positive and negative aspects of Breast Augmentation, including the risks, costs, finding the right surgeon and the final outcome of the surgery. Also, I spoke with a friend who has had breast implants for over 10 years. She stated that if she ever had surgery again, Dr. Michael J. Brown would be the surgeon she would use. We gathered information on plastic surgeons in the Northern Virginia and Maryland areas. After reviewing all the information, I decided to call Dr. Brown. He conducted a lengthy phone consultation to decide if he was the doctor for me and I the patient for him. His main comment that stuck in my mind was his statement that if his work would not look good on me, he would not perform the surgery. This let me know that he takes pride in his work and would not just take my money. My husband and I met with Dr. Brown for my consultation. We were both impressed! Dr. Brown included my husband in everything. He answered all our questions fully and honestly. He also explained the risks and what he would be doing to minimize them. He reassured us that he would take the utmost care and that we would both be very pleased with the results. Based on his experience and after hearing my expectations, he felt that breast implants filled to 375CC would provide me with the results I desired. On the day of breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Brown met with us at the hospital and again explained the surgery procedures and reassured us once again that everything would be fine, and it was. After surgery I was in pain, which was to be expected but was taken care of by medication. But, by the second day I was up and about. My recovery was quick and the results were wonderful! The breast implants started out high on my body but over time they settled into the correct placement, leaving a very natural appearance, just like Dr. Brown expected. I ended up a 34D and look and feel great! The scars have disappeared over time and are almost completely invisible. Breast implants have changed the way I see myself as well as how others see me. Thanks to the wonderful results from Dr. Brown, I now work out and take even better care of the rest of my body. To any woman considering breast augmentation, I would strongly recommend speaking with Dr. Brown before making any decisions on a surgeon. In my opinion, he is the best! I have recommended and will continue to recommend patients to Dr. Brown.


Breast Augmentation History

Breast augmentation has been something I’ve thought about since I can remember. Small breasts run in my family on both sides and I knew that my chances of breaking the mold were minimal. I spent nine years considering surgery but never took it further due to my fear of the complications involved. Meanwhile, I dreaded looking at myself in the mirror and having to compromise my wardrobe because I didn’t have the “perfect” bra. My breasts were small, but the shape and asymmetrical size bothered me the most. At 26, I decided there was no better time to consult with a plastic surgeon and have the breast augmentation surgery performed. I made the first step in making consultation appointments with several plastic surgeons in the area. I didn’t feel comfortable with any of them. I always say, “Go with your instinct and if something doesn’t feel right, then it isn’t”. My search stopped when a nurse referred me to a plastic surgeon she knew personally. I met with Dr. Brown and he impressed me with his professional and caring demeanor. Dr. Brown discussed all of my concerns and every aspect of the breast augmentation surgery until I felt comfortable and at ease. Dr. Brown put all my hesitations to rest and I was confident that having the surgery was the right decision for me. My breast implant surgery was scheduled at my convenience and was performed accordingly. I was amazed with my recovery because I had little discomfort and was back to work in 3 days! I had no bruising, and my scars, which are submammary, were much smaller than I thought they would be. At first I was scared and very concerned about how my breasts would look. I wanted them to look as natural as possible, of course, so with that in mind, Dr. Brown placed a conservative sized breast implants under my muscles. He used two different breast implants sizes to correct the asymmetrical appearance. Needless to say, I couldn’t be happier with the implants he chose. Dr. Brown made himself available to me whenever I needed him. I felt as if he were my personal doctor. When you make a decision to change your body you need to trust the person you choose to help you achieve the results you want and that’s why I chose Dr. Brown. I was so impressed with him in every aspect to include my own personal experience that I referred a friend who also had the surgery with him and is just as pleased. I am very happy that I finally have breasts. They are better than I ever imagined them to be!


Risks of breast augmentation plastic surgery

An individual’s choice to undergo a breast augmentation is based on the comparison of the risk to benefit. Although the most women do not experience complications after surgery, you should discuss each of them with the plastic surgeon to make sure you understand and review the consent for breast augmentation surgery.

Click to see the actual breast augmentation surgery video.

Before | After Breast Augmentation Photos

Breast Aug 5’0″

Breast Aug 5’3″

Breast Aug 5’6″

Breast Aug 5’7″

Breast Aug 5’0″

Breast Aug 5’3″

Breast Aug 5’6″

Breast Aug 5’9″

Breast Aug 5’1″

Breast Aug 5’5″

Breast Aug 5’7″

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