Breast Lift & Breast Reduction Surgery Diagrams

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Cometic breast lift and reduction plastic surgeries are two of the most common plastic surgeries that are performed on the breast in Virginia and the US. There are many different variations of techniques for these two surgeries. During both the breast lift and reduction plastic surgery, the plastic surgeon will actually attempt to lift the breast to a higher position on the chest. A reduction also includes a significant volume reduction in the size of the breasts. So in both of these surgeries, the plastic surgeon will lift the breast, but in the breast reduction, the plastic surgeon will also make the breasts smaller. This breast size reduction is really the only difference between these two operations. Cosmetic breast lifts may also have some breast volume reduction, but the plastic surgeon will usually only reduce the breast a relatively modest amount in size. When the breast reduction is going to be large, breast reduction may be covered by most major health insurances. Dr. Michael J. Brown, accepts most major health insurances and will work with the patient and the insurance company to obtain approval for the larger cases.

There are MANY different surgery techniques to lift a breast and to reduce the breast. This is a simplistic diagrams overview of the plastic surgery steps involved in both the breast lift surgery and the breast reduction. This is certainly not the only way the surgeon will perform a breast lift or reduction surgery. There is no single best way to do this plastic surgery. Also note that the nipple, contrary to some women´s understanding, is rarely ever cut off and then sewn back on by the plastic surgeon. It is hoped that this set of 3-D illustrations will aide in the understanding of the complexities of the cosmetic breast lift and breast reduction surgery.

This 3-D diagrams demonstrates the preoperative surgery marks made by the plastic surgeon with the woman standing up. This graphic actually depicts a woman in a lying down position ready for cosmetic breast lift surgery or breast reduction surgery. Note that the surgeon´s circular mark represents the new size of the areola which will be made smaller with both a cosmetic breast lift and breast reduction surgery. Also note the arch of the plastic surgeon´s upper mark above the nipple and areola, this upper mark is the new position that the nipple and areola will be raised to during the cosmetic breast lift and reduction surgery.

This plastic surgery diagrams shows that the woman has now had the outer most layer of the breast skin cut away by the plastic surgeon. This skin can also be removed using a laser by the plastic surgeon. What is remaining is the underlying strength layer or dermis of the skin and the fatty component of the breast. This cut away area kind of looks like an upside-down triangle or an ice cream cone.

This 3-D plastic surgery illustration shows that the breast tissue has been separated from the overlying skin by the plastic surgeon. This separation of the breast skin from the breast gland and fat has been completed on the lower half of the breast. The metal instruments are called retractors that aide in showing this aspect of the breast lift and breast reduction. The retractors also assist Dr. Brown in exposing the areas of the breast that are being operated on. It would be at this point in the plastic surgery that a breast implant in. This would allow for a larger and firmer breast mound.

This 3-D plastic surgery illustration depicts that the breast has also been separated from the chest muscles in the lower two thirds, and that the plastic surgeon has placed a stitch into the breast tissue in the area of the tip of the triangle or at the tip of the ice cream cone. The plastic surgeon´s retractor is lifting up the breast tissue and the lower aspects of the breast are being lifted and tucked to a higher position on the chest. The breast gland component of the breast has now been lifted or repositioned higher.

This 3-D plastic surgery illustration now has the breast retractor removed and shows how the breast looks with the lowest point of the breast having been tucked up under the upper part of the breast by the plastic surgeon. The breast has been lifted and has been folded on itself. Note how the two sides (pillars) of the breast are essentially hanging over the central lifted area of the breast. The stitch is left for illustration purposes and also depicts the midline on the breast.

In this plastic surgery illustration, the sides or pillars of the breast tissue have been rotated towards the midline of the breast and sewn together. This rotation of the breast fat and breast gland narrows the breast and lifts up the lower half of the breast even further. Since the breast is now in a higher position, the breast crease or Inframammary Fold (IMF) is now in a higher position.

In this plastic surgery illustration and at this point of the cosmetic plastic surgery, any extra skin will be cut away and the wounds closed. These are NOT the types of stitches that are used and they are only for diagram purposes. There are no external stitches along the vertical wound or stick of the lollipop, and the circular wound is also closed with internal stitches and a rapidly dissolving stitch on the skin. There is no stitch removal required from a cosmetic breast lift or breast reduction performed by the plastic surgeon.

In breast reduction plastic surgery, the surgery is essentially the same except that the lower aspects of the breast are cut away. The removal of breast gland and fat by the plastic surgeon results in a breast reduction. This step actually occurs after the second step of these plastic surgery illustrations. It has been placed here to avoid confusion.

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