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While it is not a cosmetic surgery, breast reconstruction requires an aesthetic sense to be done well. It requires a great attention to detail. Typically this type of surgery is done to rebuild the breast after cancer has been removed from the breast tissue.

Breast cancer is typically treated with some type of surgical removal of the tumor. The removal of the cancer can cause a partial or complete removal of the breast as well. With some breast cancers, the patient may request or require both breasts to be removed. This may be for safety or for peace of mind. In some cases, treating breast cancer may involve radiation as well. This may be the case even when some or all of the breast has been removed. The radiation is used to treat the remaining breast tissue or the chest wall. That said, radiation will complicate breast reconstruction options. Dr. Michael J. Brown will discuss the options for a specific treatment plan.

Breast reconstruction after cancer can be performed at the time of the removal of the breast. Another option is to do it later, after the breast has been removed and radiation is done. When the reconstruction is performed at the same time as the breast removal, it is called immediate reconstruction. When it is done later, it is called delayed reconstruction. Some women opt to do all treatments for the cancer prior to any reconstructive work. Other women want a new breast mound placed right away after the original tissue is removed. It is the choice of the person having the procedure as to which they prefer.

How is it done?

This type of surgery provides a great chance for learning about the three dimensions of a breast mound. These videos of surgeries are here to inform and educate the public. You can see the remaining defects of a breast mound removal. You can also see the ways that breast reconstruction can serve as an aide to restore this group of patients.

Dr. Brown does breast reconstruction after cancer treatment as a primary reconstructive surgery; he also corrects or improves prior reconstructions. It can be tough to get natural results in both the primary and secondary breast reconstructions. They are very complex surgeries. There are multiple options, techniques and stages involved.

Breast reconstruction surgery can be done using breast implants. It can also be done with the stomach muscles and skin, or with back muscles. There are also more aggressive ways to rebuild a breast; these use complex breast flaps that are moved from other parts of the body. Dr. Brown performs all of these types of reconstructions. He accepts most major medical health insurances for these procedures.

Breast Reconstruction Testimonials

I was a 26-year-old who needed breast reconstruction. I had heard only good things about Dr. Brown. He did my surgery and I was amazed by the results. I highly recommend him and his work to everyone that is considering breast surgery or any other type of plastic surgery. He is one of the best plastic surgeons and has the credentials to back it up. The difference he has made in my life is truly amazing.


I had breast cancer and Dr. Brown did my reconstruction surgery after a right mastectomy. He used a breast implant and one of my back muscles. He did this after my breast surgeon removed my breast, so I never had to go without a breast mound. Dr. Brown restored me to feeling whole. He helped me through a terrifying part of my life. He did it with warmth and dignity. I will never forget what my doctors did for me. I tell everyone who wants to know about what they did for me. God bless them.


Immediate Reconstruction using Back Muscle and Implant

Delayed Reconstruction / Tissue Expander