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Dermatology is the study of skin. The skin is the largest organ of your body. As a plastic surgeon, Dr Michael J. Brown has been trained and has surgically managed the skin since the early 1990’s. Skin cancer screening is an examination that every person should consider on a yearly basis. With advancing age and certain predisposing skin conditions, even a twice a year skin cancer screening maybe indicated.

Melanoma skin cancer, Squamous Cell Carcinoma skin cancer are two different types of skin cancer that can metasize to other organs in the body and be life threatening. Having a skin cancer screening, biopsy of suspicious moles and excisions of skin cancers can all contribute to improved skin health and life longevity. Dr. Michael J. Brown has had skin cancer removed and also undergoes skin cancer screening routinely.

All too often as children of the 1900’s, skin protection as a child was underappreciated and over looked . As these generations of people are aging the incidence of skin cancers has been increasing. In certain areas of the proloned sun exposure common in the sun belt World, Melanoma skin cancer rates are rising at alarming frequency. Dermatology and the dermatologist, (plastic surgeon or any othe doctor or trained individual) are important in identifying the pre-cancerous and cancer skin lesions. Ideally all suspicious skin lesions, moles or skin color changes can be inspected and identified by the dermatologist (plastic surgeon or any othe doctor or trained individual) before the diagnosis of skin cancer is made. The diagnosis of skin cancer is made by a biopsy of the skin lesion. So the primary result of a skin cancer screening is to biopsy suspicious looking skin lesions. Very few cancers are definitively diagnosed by simply looking at it. Ther are characteristics which allow for strong suspicion and probable diagnosis but truely a biospy will be required, and then plastic surgery excision of the skin cancer is warrranted.

If the dermatologist, (plastic surgeon or any othe doctor or trained individual), makes the diagnosis of skin cancer or precancerous lesion, then the skin lesion or skin tumor should be surgically removed.

Acne, rashes and eczema are skin conditions that warrant medical attention to improve skin health. Dermatology has allowed us to have a better appreciation of the treatment options for acne, rashes, and eczema. Acne can be especially concerning to the adolescent. Improving the skin health in this age group can have significant positive benefits on the psyche. A positive impression of ones appearence leads to a more confident mature person.

The dermatology and dermatologist related services are overseen by Dr. Michael J. Brown. He has a physician assistant who has been performing dermatology screening for over 8 years. Together the dermatology patients are evaluated in both the screening, diagnosis and treatment stages at the Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery. The office also works with Moh’s Dermatologist in cases where the tumor type or location warrants the benefits of the Moh’s surgery technique.

In summary, dermatology is important to screen the skin, the dermatologist service help identify the suspicious skin lesions and skin cancer. The plastic surgeon can then remove and restore the effected skin cancer area. Quality skin care can help repair, restore and refine all layers of your skin. These processes serves to treat, repair and prevent further skin diseases. Dr. Michael J. Brown, his physician assistants and his medical aestheticians are experts in evaluating, diagnosing, treating and rejuvenating skin.

To learn more about our skin care, visit understanding your skin, to learn about our skin philosophy please visit our page on skin care techniques.