Spider Vein Treatments Ashburn

The small veins or ‘spider veins’ of the face and legs may be treated in Ashburn with a laser and may have dramatic results. The laser may be used for the treatment of these unsightly spider vein vessels. The results are most impressive on the face and legs.

The small vessels that appear on the face are caused by sun damage. The top vessels are enlarged and the dermis is also thinner, making it a bit more translucent. The laser actually ‘sees’ the color of the blood and this is what allows the laser to effectively treat these tiny blood vessels. When the laser is fired to treat the blood vessels, the small vessels occlude and no longer fill with blood.

The laser treatment for spider veins is usually very quick and well tolerated. There is a brief instant sensation that can be described like a small rubber band popping against the skin. The cool end of the laser allows for this sensation to quickly subside. Depending on how many veins there are on the face, will dictate how long the procedure will take. Most faces can be cleared of the small veins within about 20 minutes.

Leg veins can be a bit more complicated and longer to treat. It may be necessary and best for the legs to be evaluated for a deeper vein problem than just the superficial veins. Once it is determined that a person can be treated by this type of laser treatment, the treatment experience is similiar to the facial treatments but may take longer. Compression stockings may be helpful to assist in keeping the small veins collapsed. Sometimes bruising bruising will occur with the leg vessel treatments. This type of bruising may exist for a week to a few months. Often a second or third treatment may be necessary to clear all of the spider veins. Leg treatments may take up to 45 minutes.

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