The forehead is one of the key parts of the body when looking for signs of aging. The forehead and overall brow position are often overlooked when patients prepare plans for face lifts. Yet Leonardo Da Vinci, gave it as much importance as the other two thirds of the face. If patients fail to think about the brow when they consider a face lift, they are often left to wear bangs. Often, the forehead and eyebrows can be rejuvenated with non-surgical efforts. The efforts include the use of Botox© Cosmetic or other injections, such as Dysport, Restylane, or Juvederm. The forehead and brows can also be adjusted with dedicated skin care and skin resurfacing. Sometimes a plastic surgery is part of the solution.

Cosmetic surgery to the brow and forehead is common. Thanks to the endoscope, a plastic surgeon can improve the forehead and brow with small incisions. This way also has little down time. This method does call for additional treatments to maintain the effects of the surgery. Click to learn about the risks of brow lift surgery.