Neck lift cosmetic surgery

A person’s neck can be an area of concern at any age. An unsightly neck can significantly affect how clothes are worn. The neck can also be the first area a person see aging in. There are many reasons the neck can look too full or too loose, these include:

  • genetics
  • fat storage
  • excess skin
  • recent weight loss
  • generalized aging

Depending on the shape of a patient’s neck, it can respond well to a few options. The method used depends upon what a patient’s concerns are, and their underlying problems are. When the neck is only minorly involved, for instance, liposuction surgery alone may be successful in improving the contour of the skin. If the neck muscles are lose, then they should be tightened. This means an incision under the chin. From this incision an open neck lift can be done. Dr. Michael J. Brown was the first plastic surgeon in Virginia to introduce a scarless suspension neck lift using the iGuide plastic surgery system. He will use this on the patients that would benefit from it. Like any surgery, neck lifts have risks. Those risks are similar to the face lift.