Rejuvenation and Plastic Surgery Specialties

Virginia Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Michael J. Brown, performs aesthetic, cosmetic plastic surgery for Northern Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, & Washington DC Metroplex.

There is nothing more provocative than delaying aging. Second to that would be trying to restore or rejuvenate the face and body from the signs of aging. Today we are better prepared to slow the aging process with a better understanding of the impact of the Sun’s ultraviolet rays and our lifestyles. Eating correctly, drinking water, avoidance of undue stress, drinking in moderation and not smoking, are all mantras that we should live by.

Not only do these aspects in our lives influence our quantity of life, it also effects our quality of life. Caring for your face and body is nothing more than creating good habits. There is perhaps nothing more rewarding than feeling good about yourself, both physically, mentally and emotionally. Taking care of your appearance is part of this process. We have developed exceptional methods and customized approaches to helping peolple achieve their overall rejuvenation goals.

The solution for some may be cosmetic surgery, while for others delaying cosmetic surgery is the goal. In some, cosmetic surgery will not be an option. The beauty of these positions that people choose is that they can always change their minds at different times in their lives. Furthermore, you could be looking good at all of these different periods of your life. All it takes is a committment to want to improve yourself and to be the best that you can be.

Dr. Michael J. Brown is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He ia an active member of the most prestigious plastic surgery societies in the World. He has excellent training in both general surgery and plastic surgery. Before ever performing plastic surgery, Dr. Michael J. Brown spent years learning to take care and taking care of critically ill patients and trauma victims as well as general surgery patients. These patients ingrained in Dr. Brown the understanding of priorities and safe, surgical judgement. During these years with this as his foundation, Dr. Brown migrated toward the artistry and dynamic fields that compose plastic surgery.

Dr. Michael J. Brown was exposed to many areas of plastic surgery but found his artistic talents and attention to detail were best utilized in aesthetic, cosmetic plastic surgery. Dr. Brown has further migrated towards cosmetic surgery of the breast, face and eyes, and body recontouring. Because of his talents and experience, Dr. Michael J. Brown treats many patients from all over. He performs many primary plastic surgeries on new patients interested in plastic surgery. He also has a special interest and treats many secondary plastic surgery patients. Meaning, he trys to restore, repair, or refine prior plastic surgeries.

About Dr. Michael J. Brown’s cosmetic plastic surgery patients

Virginia plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael J. Brown’s patients at the Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery, are typically referrals from his previous cosmetic plastic surgery patients, or ‘friends of a friend’. As for the new cosmetic plastic surgery patients, they are typically the best, more educated patients. They have an interest in learning about the cosmetic surgery that they are considering in Virginia. They turn to the internet to learn more about cosmetic plastic surgery and cosmetic plastic surgeons. Their primary concerns are for their safety and their cosmetic surgery result. During their best research they will come across one of Dr. Michael J. Brown’s web site and spend some time learning and evaluating quality cosmetic surgery results. When they have compared credentials, experiences and most importantly, cosmetic surgery results, they schedule a complimentary plastic surgery consultation.

Where do the cosmetic surgery patients travel from?

Like most people looking for anything including cosmetic plastic surgery, they will look close by initially. Dr. Michael J. Brown’s cosmetic patients primarily come from the surrounding nearby areas including, Ashburn, Leesburg, Dulles, Lansdowne, Middleburg, Aldie, Great Falls, McLean, Vienna, Oakton, Chantilly, Reston and Herndon. Some patients are truely committed to getting the best cosmetic surgery result that they can get and they are willing to travel to get it. As these people continue to look around the web and are willing to drive a few minutes, Dr. Michael J. Brown will see patients from Alexandria, Annandale, Burke, Bethesda, Rockville, Chevy Chase, Potomac, Annapolis and Baltimore. Those who truely have searched and will drive a bit farther will include Front Royal, Fredricksburg, Winchester, Charlestown, Richmond, Glen Allen and Virginia Beach and Roanoke. The driving patients do not stop there and true seekers will come from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York. Some internet searches have traveled from as far as Europe and California for his expertise in secondary and primary breast augmentation skills and results. So there is really no geographic region that he will not draw from. The secret really is in the desired quality result of the patient and their commitment to seek out the best plastic surgeon that they can find.

The success and satisfaction of a cosmetic surgery?

The degree of success of a cosmetic surgery operation depends not only the plastic surgical skill of Dr. Michael Brown but also on the understanding of the patient. One of the trademarks of his efforts is on educating his patients to their limitaions. Such as the characteristics of the specific problem, the person’s general health, age, skin, texture, bone structure and genetics. The healing process is influenced by these factors and is not entirely under the control of the patient or the plastic surgeon. There is no perfect plastic surgery result all of the time. Most people will have persistent asymmetry after plastic surgery. The more educated and sohisticated patients will understand this and thus have a better management of their expectations. They will also be more compliant with their post operative instructions.