Frequently asked questions, FAQ’s, about cosmetic plastic surgery

Aesthetic cosmetic surgery often can improve your appearance by correcting the irregularities of the face, breast and body, by eliminating some of the conspicuous signs of aging. In a society that places so much emphasis on appearance, no apologies for this type of cosmetic surgery are necessary. In fact, it has become very mainstream to undergo some kind of cosmetic plastic surgery to improve the way you may feel about yourself. Cosmetic surgery is not for everyone, and it is important that the person considering cosmetic surgery be well informed and understands the risks involved with cosmetic surgery. It is equally important that the person have realistic expectations about what cosmetic surgery can or will achieve. The following information may assist you if you are considering cosmetic surgery. Please understand that I speak in terms of the average case and variations do exist.

People who are seeking an improvement in their appearance and are realistic in their expectations as to what cosmetic plastic surgery can accomplish are the best candidates. At certain ages and health conditions, medical clearance may be required. A person who is seeking absolute perfection or expects a transforming miracle from cosmetic plastic surgery is not a good candidate. While cosmetic surgery is often psychologically beneficial in increasing one’s self-confidence and esteem, it is not the solution for all of one’s problems. If a person is expecting more from cosmetic surgery than can be accomplished physically, psychologically or socially, I will recommend they not have cosmetic plastic surgery until they have worked out their other concerns.